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Well, August is near its end, and we have relocated to the Crawford Plaines neighbourhood, The new salon is getting rave reviews, just be careful coming up the rear ramp, it's a bit too smooth right now, being new and all, but we are working on a solution.


We still get a lot of inquiries about whether we groom Cats. Yes, we love Cats, as long as they are nice. Cats that struggle, bite, claw and basically act unruly risk getting nicked by the clipper, that goes for dogs too, and that isn't good for either species, but for Cats, it's bad. Why? because Cat skin tears like ladies' nylons, and if the cat can reach a breach in their skin, their tongue can rip a hole into themselves fairly quickly. A visit to the Vet is then required, and that's not fun either, especially for us.


So keep that in mind when you ask about whether or not we do Cats. Tell us what we are in for before we begin working on it, We may need a second person, or you can volunteer.

So sit back, hoist your iPad or iPhone, laptop, etc. to a comfortable position and enjoy our website. Hopefully, you'll get a howl out of hanging out.


We look forward to serving you.


Danica & Roxanne.





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