It seems like an easy question when people ask, "how much does it cost" to have their dog or cat groomed. The problem is each animal is different and what people request is different. You also have to take into consideration the condition of the pet, not to mention any difficulties the animal might give you.

The best way to get the most accurate price is to bring the dog to the salon so we can look over your pet.



My minimum charge of $55 is both reasonable & competitive and soon to increase due to higher taxes, electrical and water consumption charges, these increases, everyone has to live with, it’s a fact of life & of business.

From partial to full grooms, clips, scissor cuts, hand stripping, nail cutting, ear cleaning, FURmination, etc. You name it, we do it, except for the “Poodle” Show Groom. It is simply too time-consuming and costly, but if you want it, we can oblige, however, a consultation will be required, your Poodle's demeanor, temperament, and stamina shall have to be reviewed. 


All my products are of top quality. My service is ONE on ONE. No Cage Drying! We clean our salon and tools frequently to avoid unwanted pests. If we find fleas, ticks or lice, you will be notified immediately to discuss a course of action.




Lately, my livelihood has been diminished by clients begging for appointments but not showing up. I ask for 24 hrs to advise me if you must cancel your appointment, it gives me an opportunity to help another that is on my cancellation list to serve them. in this day and age, with the available technology, it shouldn't be an issue.


I don't groom for hobby sake, this is my career and I pay bills like everyone else, if you don't show up and I can't fill your spot, I lose my income.


- Failure to show up for scheduled appointments once gets you black listed and I'll charge you extra next time you come, if you return. If you call to rebook because you forgot, your appointment will be reserved by credit card or cash in advance.


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